US Women Assaulted in Granada

GRA Cuesta de Santa CatalinaA group of young American women were sexually assaulted in the city of Granada by a gang of youths. The incident occurred on Monday the 9th around eleven in the evening in a narrow street in the Realejo area of the city.

It was the screams from the young women and the shouts from a female witness to the attack that scared off the three or four youths, who had cornered the American victims in order to grope them.

Shortly afterwards the police arrested three youths (all minors) as the alleged culprits and remanded them in custody for minors pending an appearance before a magistrate.

The magistrate, after hearing the accounts of all involved decided to send two of them to a youth detention centre. The third was was released as it appears that he did not physically participate in the assault.

The only details given on the youths is that they are residents in a youth protection centre.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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