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Syria, xenophobia, Brexit, Trump, populism, net hate… The world is spinning faster than ever before. People feel small, bewildered and scared.

Happiness & Stuff

Back on the Costa Granadina it’s so nice to have summer back. At least I think so after a great September in Denmark and a not so nice opening of October. Pepe doesn’t agree, though.

Stand-up Politics


As I write, it is still uncertain whether or not Mr and Mrs Denmark are going to the polling stations this autumn, only little more than a year after the latest election.

Back south

Here up North the ground is covered by yellow, brown and orange leaves, and the branches of birch, rowan, aspen and alder look naked and ascetic against the grey sky.

Stockholm Revisited

FTR Nordic Waldemarsudde

we made a wonderful trip to our beloved Stockholm at the end of July. This is part of a private Swedish/Finnish cultural exchange programme with a Swedish couple whom we met in Almuñecar more than 12 years ago.

Don Quijote

This year, Spain celebrated its most famous writer of all times. On April 23, four hundred years had passed since the death of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, outstanding writer, poet and playwright.