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Dog Poop

Funnily enough, Finns are very shy people normally, not even greeting neigbours in the elevator, but when it comes to hounds, it is a different matter.

Better times ahead?

I think it is safe to say that Summer is definitively on its way. Our house martin couple has arrived to their nest on our terrace and the doves are cooing more than ever.

Are you Norwegian?

Well if you are, get yourself down to Bar Arenas on the Lower Paseo in Almuñécar at 17.00h on the 17th of May, which is, of course, Norway Day!

Scam Alert

Some days ago, I got a phone call from ‘John’ speaking with a strong Indian accent, claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Support.

I’m Not Exactly Charlie

The year 2015 did not start in a happy way. On January 8th jihadist gunmen burst into the offices of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, brutally murdering 12 journalists and cartoonists gathered for a regular meeting in their office in Paris.

A Nordic Happy New Year

After two weeks with us, she seems adapted to our way of life. She knows what the word “nej” (no!) and kom! (come!) means. She is 2 ½ months old now, and looks like a miniature polar bear. And the “calling cards” in our big kitchen becomes fewer every day.


It’s nice to be back in our old house on the hilltop. I didn’t realise until now how much I have missed the Spanish mountains and the view from our terrace to the sea, the sunset with its colourful and sometimes dramatic variations.

Things Happen

Finland has made a new world record. Mrs. Margit Tall, a daredevil lady of 95 is thought to be the world’s oldest woman to bungee jump. She made an old wish come through, after ignoring the organiser’s warning that the leap could kill her. She just went to the jumping site at Kaivopuisto in Helsinki, and asked whether there was an age limit. “We thought she was joking”, one of the organizers said.