Dangerous Talcum Powder?

It seems that the agency specialising in cancer, belonging to the World Health Organization, classified talc as "probably carcinogenic" for humans.

This surprising announcement was made on Friday but not everybody agrees with this conclusion as some consider that the finding was based on insufficient evidence.

The said WHO agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), apparently based it on limited evidence concerning ovarian cancer but a sufficient amount of evidence that it was linked to cancer in rats.

This finding is surprising as generations of mother have used talc on their babies’ botties when changing a soild nappy. However, and without doubt, mining this naturally occuring mineral without proper filtered breathing equipment is very dangerous, but then again so is coal dust in mines.

The agency’s findings were based on several studies that repeatedly demonstrated an increase in ovarian cancer where talc is used in genital hygiene, while at the same time the agency could not rule out that the talc had been contaminated with carcinogenic asbestos during the mining process.

In other words, it could not be firmly established.

This finding that was published in the Lancet Oncology follows news that Johnson & Johnson paid out with a pyament of 700-million USD after reaching an accord to settle a case where it was accused of misleading consumers about the safety of talcum-based powder products.

In 2020 Johnson & Johnson withdrew their products without admitting wrongdoing. In fact, studies published that year involving 250,000 US women couldn’t establish a statistical link between its use and ovarian cancer.

(News: World)

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