Down the Drain

A woman was arrested after sabotaging 60,000 litres of wine.

The woman, a resident of de Roa de Duero (Burgos), opened all the valves on a line of large, metallic vats in the Bodega Cepa 21 vineyard in February of this year.

From the very beginning, police investigations were centred upon this woman, who has detailed knowledge of the fermention-tanks section, as well as the vineyard in general.

The steel tanks contained Malabrigo and Horcajo wine, which represented 15% of the vineyard’s sales in red wine last year.

The Chairmen of Cepa 21, José Moro, says that this massive spill will cause the loss of an estimated 2.5 million euros.

“It’s very unpleasant because it is senseless. If they steal three pallets of wine, you can understand it because they will either sell it or drink it, but just turning up and opening up all the valves so that it goes down the drain is very wicked; it’s despicable because they are playing with livelihood of all the employees and that is very sad,” he sentenced.

Editorial comment: is nothing sacred?

(News: Burgos, Castilla Leon)

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