New Hanging Bridge

Torrenueva Costa has set its eyes on building a second suspension bridge and together with the provincial Council is drawing up a geotechnical survey.

TNC Cliff Top BridgeThis new one will be on the Carretera de La Trinchera, running above the N-340, more or less opposite the Sacratif Lighthouse. This road is the one that predates the actual N-340 and was laid in the 1930s.

It is also the one that the refugees fled along, evading the advancing Spanish and Italian fascist troops coming from Málaga, all the while being shelled by a heavy cruiser off shore and strafed by Franco’s fighter aircraft. This tragic episode is known as the Desbandá.

The plans for this remaining section of road is to turn it into a hiking route, explained Mayor Plácido Lara in our interview with him several years back. The suspension-bridge addition to the project is a recent decision and will hang about 15 metres above the road and have a length of 40 metres. They will also plant pines to return the old road to how it looked in the 30s.

Torrenueva Costa has been making great advances with its coastal hiking trail which should be connected to Motril via Playa de Las Aucenas by 2025. The Town Hall is also finding funds from its own municipal sources to construct a mirador (lookout point) with a glass floor, overlooking Playa de La Joya.

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