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In Memory of the Slain

By Hugh MacArthur

Living in Spain you get to see a whole array of flags, from the Spanish one, the regional one and even the municipal one, but there is one more... »

Carchuna Castle Controversy

By Martin Myall

The 24th of May will see the 80th anniversary of the rescue of Republican prisoners of war held captive in Carchuna fort. »

International Brigade Film

By Martin Myall

We have done several articles on the Desbandá in 1937, either on commemorations held in the province or photo exhibitions - today there is a film. »

Desbandá Motion Rejected

By Martin Myall

The IU opposition party in Almuñécar proposed in the last Plenary Meeting of the Town Council that there should be municipal backing for the annual Desbandá Marches. »

I Marcha de Senderismo

By Martin Myall

You may have heard of the Desbandá but if you haven't it was the flood of refugees in 1937 streaming along the N-340 to escape fascist forces. »

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