Sheer Slaughter in Juviles!

Did you know that Juviles in the Alpujarra Granadina is the smallest municipality in the whole of Granada? Read on.

GRA ALP MatanzaThey recently held their II Fiesta de la Matanza (Slaughter Fiesta) but don’t panic because the despatched entity was a pig, which has since been turned into morcilla, chorizo, longaniza and all kinds of pork cuts.

Also consumed during the event was buñuelos con chocolate, roast potatoes & tripe as well as, of course, plenty of wine & beers.

And just to show you how civilised it was, they also played bingo, inaugurate a nativity scene and danced to Christmas-tide songs.

Now, as we said at the beginning, Juviles is bursting at the seams with its 134 inhabitants in the area of 15 sq/km within its municipal boundaries. It also stands 1,255 metres above sea level. The Mayoress, María Lourdes Molina, has occupied her post for the last 20 years, so she can’t be doing such a bad job.

The name of the village might sound familiar because it is renowned for its Jamón Serrano and other cured meats… oh, and because of the author, Ildefonso Falcones who wrote the best seller, La Catedral del Mar is a local lad and has a street named after him there.

(News/Noticias, Juviles, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia – Photo & Source: Ideal/R.V.)

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