Bank Holiday Weekend Call Outs

The emergency call centre, 112 dealt with 1,447 calls within the province of Granada over the bank-holiday weekend.

AND Emergency Call Centre 112The calls received were between 15.00h on Tuesday the 5th and 00.00h on Monday the 11th; i.e., this morning.

The majority of emergency calls corresponded to medical problems, 777, whilst calls for police assistance were 236.

Traffic-related emergences numbered 116 and a further 69 corresponded to actual road accidents. The number of calls that required the fire service stood at 61. The rest of the calls concerned anomalies in utility company services or social services.

As for a breakdown on where the calls originated in order of magnitude: Sevilla (3,251), Málaga (2,574) Cádiz (1,580) then Granada (1,447) Córdoba (974), Almería (968), Huelva (764) and Jaén (743). The grand total for the whole of Andalucía was 12,301.

The busiest day was Wednesday the 6th with 278 emergencies and the busiest hour was between 21.00h and 22.00h on Friday the 8th.

(News/Noticias: Andalucia).

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