Motril Rubbish Tax Increase

Motril Town Council has decided the amount charged for domestic and industrial rubbish collection.

MOT Town Hall Plaza de EspañaThis modification was put forward in an Extraordinary Plenary Meeting without going through an Informative Commission or passing on prior paperwork to the opposition parties so that they could study it before voting.

Consequently the Grupo Municipal de IU Verdes Equo, along with the rest of the opposition parties, have rejected that this is an urgent matter (the formular used to get it rapidly through a Plenary Meeting). They also rejected it as they considered it as too big a hike in rubbish-collection fees.

IU Verdes-Equo Spokeswoman, Inma Omiste also labelled the governing party as being the “prophets of massive tax cuts when in opposition,” whilst increasing taxes on private citizens, local businesses and small shopkeepers when in power.

The PP Mayor, García Chamorro, had justified this increase on “technical and legal reasons” caused ultimately by the Central Government (socialists). Regardless of this opposition to the move she pushed it through thanks to her majority in the Town Council.

Consequently, private houses will see an increase between 7.71 euros and 15.48 on their Rubbish-collections bills within their IBI payments, and businesses premises between 13.29 and 338.84 euros on theirs. Camp sites will see an increase between 484.09 and 999.35 euros. Bank branches, 210,68 euros, B&B, hotels between 86 centimes per sq/m and 738.89 per sq/m. Fruit/vegetable warehouses will have increases of between 271.63 and 814.98 euros. Finally, diseminados (cortijos and rural dwellings) will see an increase of between 53.30 and 92.17 euros on their rubbish-collection bills/quota.

Citizens have been complaining lately about the state of the town, which we reported on last week, despite the Town Hall spending 9.5-million euros on rubbish collection during 2022.

(News/Noticias: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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