Pet Protection Laws Change

How long can you leave your dog on its own? The answer is 24 hours, according to the new animal-protection law, which comes into effect on the 29th.

GRA Rubio the Guide Dog Killed by FireworksWhen the Animal Welfare Law comes into force this month it will contain aspects to guarantee greater protection for pets, backed by new fines.

There are also obligations such as having to sterilise indoor pets.

Article 27 establishes the maximum time that these pets can be left without supervision, making a distinction between dogs and the rest of pets.

As mentioned above, you can only leave a dog on its own up to 24 hours, whereas for the rest; i.e. cats etc, the maximum time is 72 hours, or three days, if you prefer.

As for dog insurance, this article does not come into effect on the 29th of September, like the rest, because of “pure legal terms.” In other words, they haven’t sorted it out yet and don’t want to get their fingers caught.

(News/Noticias: Spain)

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