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I have an art exhibition beginning in Frigiliana on August 2nd. I am very much hoping you will be able to publicise it in your press.

PP Helen Purdie Torrox PainterDear Sir/Madam,

An explanation from Helen:

“The paintings have a very graphic quality on first impression. The process involved in achieving their finished state is not at all obvious and can be rather surprising to the viewer. With no pre-drawing, they begin with very free strokes of translucent paint to resolve the composition.

Increasing layers are applied and built up with a small brush to obtain both opacity and the tight meeting of colours. The palette is less extensive than the eye registers due to the interaction of adjacent colours.

These effects are further intensified by the very flat application of paint such that no brush strokes are visible on the canvas. The paintings move between representation and abstraction as one’s attention is drawn in turn by the seen experience evoked and by the interaction of the colours themselves.”

Sin Rima o Razón – An exhibition of vivid paintings by Torrox artist Helen Purdie.

Sala Real 98 Gallery, Frigiliana. Calle Real 98, 29788 Frigiliana, Málaga

2-13th August, Wednesday to Sunday, 11.00-21.00

Website –

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes
Helen Purdie

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