Another Pedestrian Knocked Down

Yet another case of a pedestrian being knocked down on the N-340 where it passes through the Axarquia. Only last week, a man was killed in Torre del Mar.

AXA El Morche Pedestrian Accident N340This time it was a young woman out jogging near El Morche (Torrox) along the hard shoulder of this main road. The accident took place Friday morning around eight in the morning.

For reasons still unknown she was hit by a car which sent her flying into a post on the bridge over the Río Güi, causing extensive head injuries. Consequently she was helivacked to the main area hospital, Hospital Regional de Málaga and remains in the ICU.

Several people had seen the accident taking place and had phoned in the incident to the emergency call centre. Besides the medicalised helicopter, the Guardia Civil, Policía Local and an ambulance with paramedics were also despatched.

Nothing has been made known about the driver or what caused the accident, so far, but it could have been a woman in her 30s who required medical attention at the scene.

(News; Torrox/Morche, Axarquia, Costa de Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – Photo: Sur)

  1 comment for “Another Pedestrian Knocked Down

  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    June 17, 2023 at 11:36 am

    Even on the narrowest part of the sort of hard shoulder there is room to pass Pedestrians, cyclists and joggers. The road is wide and safe enough to do so.

    A lack of concentration or just shouldn’t be driving?

    In the past, I was advised to always walk towards oncoming traffic; at least you could see the incoming traffic, that couldn’t see you!

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