Pilots’ Strike Affects Granada

The airline pilots union, Sepla, has called a strike on a national level, which will also affect Granada Airport.

GRA Air Europa 400x250Of course, like most strikes, this one is designed to hurt, so it will cover this present bank holiday, starting today.

The flights between Aeropuerto Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén, and Palma Mallorca are the affected ones on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Sepla announced that there will be strike action during May and June after negotiations broke down with the Servicio Interconfederal de Mediación e Intermediación (SIMA) over the V Convenio Colectivo and the problems caused by the directives issued by the Air Europa airline.

The union has accused the airline of “playing” with workers’ rights. They say the Air Europa pilots feel discriminated against by the company and consequently refuse to give in to the company’s strategy as it would be “an irresponsible [action] for the profession’s future.”

The airline has responded that the union’s “irresponsible and egotistical attitude would cause millions in losses for the company,” thus putting into jeopardy the purchase of replacement aircraft.

The Spanish consumer-rights association Facua-Consumidores en Acción, warned the airline that a judicial decision by the Tribunal de Justicia de La Unión Europea (TJUE) in April, 2018, determined that a work strike could not be considered as “extraordinary circumstances,” thus used to dodge having to refund airfares.

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  1. Patrick Barry Storey
    May 2, 2023 at 12:52 pm

    Sadly both Almería and Granada seem to have either in pricing or non-direct routing of flights to the UK, let alone strikes. Málaga seems to come out on top. Longer distance for me, but much less aggro.

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