Granada Airport Work Completed

The Aeropuerto Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén has finally finished renovation and expansion work that commenced in June, 2021.

GRA Airport Garcia Lorca 400x250The total spent on the work, which has increased the airport’s capacity by 30%, reaches 3.3-million euros.

The tasks included work on the eastern end of the facade (1,185 sq/m); the remodelling of the departure lounge adding two boarding gates (until now there were only four) and the airport now has another set of public toilets.

The passport control area in the pre-embarking area for None-Schengen destinations has been improved; it has been adapted so that an ABC System (Automated Border Control) can be installed.

This is a system which allows for an automated, border crossing through authenticating an electronic, machine-readable, travel document (e-MRTD).

This system confirms that the passenger is the rightful holder of the document, as well as consulting border-control records so that a traveller can be assessed for eligible border crossing.

Passenger control now has two inspection lines, two metal-detector lines and three X-ray machines. Next week, the automated, boarding-pass machine will be installed so that passengers will not have to go through a manual control.

This modification work is the third round in its 50 years of existence, with the first one taking place in time for the Sierra Nevada 1995 World Ski Championships, costing 1,700m pesetas. They needn’t have rushed as the competition was postponed until the following year because of an absence of snow on the Sierra Nevada that year.

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