Accidental Hunting Death

An Albuñol resident was accidentally shot and killed by a hunting companion.

COS Albuñol 400x250The incident occurred in an area known as the Barranco de Chilches, according to the 112 emergency, call centre. The Guardia Civil has since confirmed that the death of the 34-year-old man was accidental.

This took place around 11.30h yesterday, which was when 112 received a call. A Guardia Civil unit and an ambulance were despatched to the scene of the accident. However, there was nothing that the paramedics could do to save the victim’s life.

Consequently, the Guardia Civil have opened an investigation to establish the exact circumstances under which the fatal shot was fired.

Yesterday the body was taken to the Instituto de Medicina Legal in Granada where they will carry out an autopsy later this morning.

Editorial comment: it has been a tragic weekend for hunters. There was the funeral of Francisco Fajardo, 59, in Otivar who had died from a massive heart attack whilst out hunting. Our condolences to the family. Paco was the father of Javi who used to run Bar Buena Vista in the village and who now runs the Rosa Negra in Almuñécar.

Note: this is the second warning to TopNews.Media to stop plagiarising The Seaside Gazette articles. Legal steps will be taken.

(News: Albuñol, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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