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We posted an article entitled, Watch out for This Road Sign on the 2nd, concerning low-emissions zones. One reader, Jan, asked if it applied to foreign cars.

SPN Vehicle RestrictionNot knowing the answer, we put the question to Velasco Lawyers in Almuñécar and they very kindly provided the following:

There are several countries in the European Union that have drawn up a classification list to distinguish vehicles based on how polluting they are.

In Spain it is not possible to issue environmental labels to vehicles with foreign registration, but it is not necessary. If you have a vehicle from a country with an environmental label (Germany, Austria, Denmark, France) we consider that you have the corresponding Spanish label.

In the link below you can consult the equivalence between the classifications of the different countries. In this way you will be able to know the equivalent Spanish emblem of your vehicle, knowing what traffic restrictions may affect you, and being able to drive on our roads with the emblem of your country.

In the same way, local entities can identify through these tables the environmental category of foreign vehicles and know whether or not they can circulate based on the local regulations that have been developed.

Please note that these equivalences are for driving in Spain, they are not valid in other countries. Therefore, if you are going to travel with your vehicle to Germany, Austria, Denmark, France or another country with an environmental cataloguing system, you should inform yourself before going about whether it is necessary to obtain a badge in the country you are traveling to, how to do it and how to do it. the criteria to be able to circulate.

Please follow this link for more info.

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