Ski Season Date Announced

The company that manages the Sierra Nevada ski station did not want to delay further in announcing the date for the start of the coming ski season.

GRA Sierra Nevada NV22 03Consequently the date that they have announced is the 3rd of December. However, they also said that this still depends on meteorological conditions; i.e., the weather: no snow; start date will be delayed.

Since the first snowfall on the slopes the snow cannon have been throwing out artificial snow, thanks to the low temperatures.

Any observer on the coast will have seen that the snow on the south face has all but disappeared, which is why Cetursa, the private-public company that runs it, have emphasised “if the weather permits.”

Pray for snow, a let’s hope that this is not another year like 1995 when there was no snow and an international skiing competition had to be delayed until the following winter.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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