Thursday Fire Update

Lower temperatures, higher humidity and an abscence of wind helped fire fighters working on the Los Guájaes fire line last night.

GrA Water Bomber over LecrinThis forest fire has become the worse one in the province so far this century and, to make things worse, initial investigations point towards it having been intentional; it wasn’t because of carelessness but deliberate.

Squads of ground operatives last night (around 100), as well as  assets this morning are woking in the Valle de Lecrín and Los Guájares areas to advance during the night and this morning dampen down hotspots and take the fire from its Estabilizado status, setting a perimeter-control line around the circumference to stop it from crossing over this line again.

To achieve this goal there are 120 fire fighters, nine fire engines and two helicopters (to tackle the inaccessible areas from the air).

The general feeling is that although there are still dangerous hotspots, they shouldn’t produce excessive complications for Infoca units. The next phase status will be Controlado before being able to declare it as Extinguido. This last status could take “quite a few more days.” Despite this forecast, Infoca crews remain optimistic.

(News: Los Guájares/Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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