Faking Her Own Kidnapping

Police operation, Santero, which took place in Tenerife, resulted in the arrest of five people all belonging to the same family for extortion through a fake kidnapping.

SPN Fake KidnappingThe supposed victim, a daughter, was amongst those arrested. The suspects had sent a video to the mother, showing the daughter, blood-covered, gagged and bound with a knife to her throat. The ransom demand amounted to 50,000 euros.

Investigations carried out by the Guardia Civil uncovered that the mother had already been the victim of extortion involving this same daughter and had handed over 45,000 euros upon receiving letters threatening the daughter’s life.

The police soon became suspicious of the immediate family around the supposed victim, centring them on her boyfriend and within 24 hours had solved the case.

When the police found out that the girl was in perfect health and was not being held against her will, they moved in and made the five arrests. At the moment of detention, they were all, including the daughter, in a gambling hall.

Searching the boyfriend’s  home, they found the knife that appeared in the video, the handkerchief used to gag her and even a container of false blood.

Editorial comment: guess who won’t be included in Mum’s will…

(News: Tenerife, Canary Islands)

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