Shots on Motril Street

There were shots fired in the Parque de Los Talares in Motril in the afternoon of Thursday the 25th.

MOT Confiscated Pistol after Street ShotsThe incident took place just before 16.30h that day, which was when the Policía Nacional received several calls from people who had been alarmed by the gunfire.

Apparently the shots were the result of a heated argument between two young men, one of whom was armed with a pistol. The gunman fired off several shots without wounding the other man. He was arrested later in the day.

The argument was a continuation of an earlier one, after which the aggressor had returned home to fetch his pistol and continue the confrontation… with a more convincing stance.

Immediately upon receiving the calls, the police sent out a couple of squad cars to cordon off the area (assisted by the Policía Local) and detain the gunman. In a house search the police located a 9mm-parabellum pistol, two magazines and two boxes of ammunition.

Since the 21st of June there have been four incidents involving firearms. The police union for the Policía Local and Nacional has called for more personnel from the Town Hall in the case of the municipal police, and from the Provincial Sub-Delegate for the Central Government, in the case of the national police force.

Some of the incidents involved criminal gangs from Granada and family clans in Motril. These incidents and the increase of drug-trafficking on the coast is behind the demand for more equipment and police personnel before the relevant administrations.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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