Too Slow Returning Money

The Spokeswoman for the Motril branch of the socialist party, PSOE, has called on the Town Hall to return money charged for sports facilities during Lockdown.

MOT Flor-AlmonSaid spokeswoman, Flor Almón, says that many sports-facility users complain that they have to pay more recent quotas even though the Town Hall still hasn’t returned the quotas they had paid out during the three-month lockdown during which they were obviously unable to use them.

Consequently, she will take the affair before the Plenary Meeting on the 25th of this month and propose that these monies are returned immediately.

“The pandemic caused the municipal sports facilities to close their doors yet users were still required to pay their monthly quotas without fail. Then the Sports Department announced that the quotas paid during which the sports facilities were closed would be returned,” explained Sra Almón. However, this has not come about.

Spokeswoman Almón pointed out that whilst the sums of money owed were not a lot, sports-facility users are annoyed that they’re still being made to pay their quotas even though the Town Hall, almost two years on, won’t reciprocate.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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