Reinfection Rife?

The number of people that have gone down twice with Omicron has multiplied five fold since the first case was reported in Spain.

SPN Omicron Virus RepresentationUntil its arrival on the 2nd of December there had been 14,215 case of people that had caught Covid-19 twice but since then there have been another 65,104 such cases giving a total of 79,319 according to the Red Nacional de Vigilancia Epidemiológica (Renave), belonging to the Instituto Carlos III.

With all this the number of people that have had it twice, compared to those that have only gone down with Covid once, represents 1.7% of all the cases reported since December.

Again, however, given the great number of people who have self-tested and not reported their case to their health authorities, the figures handled by Renave are incomplete at best.

Prior to the arrival of Omicron the variants (Wuan, Alfa and Delta) having caught Covid pretty much guaranteed that you wouldn’t catch it again because the antibodies generated by each variant prevent the next from infecting you again – there were very few exceptions.

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However, with Omicron with its 46 mutations compared to the first one the situation has changed because it appears to use at least two ways to infect a cell.

In fact, according to research by the Imperial College London, there are 5.4 times more chance of reinfection with Omicron than with Delta. This does not mean, says the ICL, that vaccines do not work, otherwise Omicron would have had the same devastating effect as the First Wave.

There are things that can be deduced from this; just because you’ve had it once, it doesn’t mean that you are totally immune, but on a positive note, in most cases with Omicron, the symptoms will be much milder. Most importantly, it’s still a very low percentage of reinfections (1.7%) so there is no need to think that it is inevitable nor even likely.

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