Rules Legal Action?

The pressure group pushing for the Rules Reservoir distribution system are studying the legal possibilities of taking the Government to court before the EU.

FP Rules Protest OnLPart of the distribution system of the Béznar-Rules reservoirs was financed by EU funds (FEDER).

For this reason, the Spokesperson for the platform, Jerónimo Salcedo, explained that they were tired of using diplomatic channels which lead nowhere, so they have contacted a prestigious law firm in Brussels to work out what legal options exist and whether it would be beneficial for them to take the affair before the European Union.

Sr. Salcedo admitted that they didn’t want to make any mistakes in this manner; hence this cautious approach. He added, however, that once the course of action becomes clear, then they would take it.

He has made it clear that they wish to work with all political parties to unblock the present, stagnating situation. So far the PSOE (socialists) have said that their Secretary General and Chairman of the Provincial Council would meet with the protest platform’s leaders.

Spokesman Salcedo also said that they will be meeting with the Chairwoman of the Mancomunidad de Costa Tropical to urge all of the mayors belonging to the municipalities within the Mancomunidad to work together and mobilise the inhabitants of the towns behind the cause.

The Chairman of the Motril Chamber of Commerce, Julio Rodríguez, also urges all citizens to fight for the “vital infrastructure; “We are fighting for the future of the coming generations,” he said.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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