Janssen Second Jab

The 1,970,836 people in Spain that received the Janssen vaccine (the one-dosis vaccine) will have to receive a second one soon.

SPN Janssen VaccineThis was decided on Wednesday after medical experts (Ponencia de Vacunas) proposed this booster jab before the Comisión de Salud Pública, which was accepted.

Furthermore, they recommended that a campaign should be started as soon as possible.

The reason behind this move was the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is losing effectiveness much faster than the other vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

It was discovered that the single-jab vaccine had between 15% and 20% less effective lifespan compared with the other vaccines.

Therefore, the people who received Janssen vaccinations will become the fourth, target group to receive booster jabs, joining the people with reduced immunity (transplants/oncology patients) residents of homes for the elderly and those over 70 in general.

(News: Spain)

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