Tourist Dies from An Overdose

A young, Finnish tourist died after ingesting a recreational drug in Fuengirola; her boyfriend spent five days in the ICU from taking the same substance.

AND Hospital Costa del Sol MálagaThe 20-year-old woman had just arrived on the Costa del Sol with her 24-year-old boyfriend to spend a few days there. The man spent five days in a coma in a critical state and although he is now conscious, he remains hospitalised.

The couple arrived at Málaga Airport on Saturday the 18th and went out that Sunday evening to an area known as Los Pacos in Fuengirola, where her mother has a house. That same evening they went out to sample the night life there. They spent some time on the seafront paseo before arriving home in the early hours to sleep.

Apparently, the mother heard strange breathing and loud snores coming from the room, so she entered the room to find them both unconscious. Unable to wake them, she immediately called the emergency services.

The paramedics arrived around 13.00h on Monday the 20th and tried to revive the young woman but to no avail but they did manage to revive him enough to rush to Hospital Costa del Sol, in a critical state and admit him immediately to the ICU. There he remained until last Friday, which was when he regained consciousness.

In the meantime the police searched the bedroom and found various pills. Furthermore, the woman’s autopsy returned a preliminary find of ingested drugs and blood samples from both victims came back with traces of the same.

There was a similar incident on the 16th of August when a 19-year-old lad died in hospital after taking ecstasis. Allegedly, he bought them from a barman in a night bar on the Fuengirola beachfront paseo.

Immediately after this death the Drugs Squad of the Policía Nacional began an investigation which brought about the arrest of the barman, who was placed under remand in the local prison, although he was released at the beginning of this month after posting bail for 3,000 euros.

(News: Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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