Level Zero?

Projections for next week is for the average, contagion rate for the whole of Andalucía to be 45 per 100,000 cases, which could mean goodbye to restrictions.

AND Junta Health Minister Jesus AguirreOf course, that depends on what the Health Committee decides but what we could be talking about is the long awaited, Level Zero.

However, the Junta has yet to define what Level Zero would entail but we can probably rule out naked frolicking in the streets – just a guess!

The regional Minister of Public Health & Families, Jesus Aguirre, described it as “Normality” but with masks, sanitary handgels and distance keeping. But what it could also entail is the night-life sector having opening times and occupancy restrictions lifted.

Factors that the Health Committee will take into account is the contagion ratio over the last seven days, the situation of the over-65 age group, the pressure on hospitals, especially ICUs, and the percentage of inhabitants fully vaccinated.

This decision will be reached later today or Thursday. Sr. Aguirre said that the Junta’s objective is to have “normalcy” starting next week. He also pointed out that Jaén and Córdoba have the best figures whereas Almería occupies the other end of the scale.

Jesús Aguirre, finished by informing that Andalucía has administered 12m doses, which covers 89% of the population over 12-years old.

Summing up, come Friday at 00.01h, if Granada enters Level Zero, there will be no closing times restrictions nor maximum occupation ones. Masks will continue in use, as will social distancing, so keep your fingers crossed.

(News: Andalucia)

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