Human Remains on Órgiva Street

Human remains were found strewn on an Órgiva street, which although 'grizzly' in nature, it was not indicative of a murder or something of that kind.

ALP Orgiva Human Remains on StreetThe street concerned is the one that runs along Plaza de las Culturas, which was inaugurated in 2014. Previously, this area had been a municipal cemetery. Somebody had dumped the remains last Saturday.

According to the Mayor, José Miguel Herrera, “Órgiva Town Hall is carrying out improvement work on the Plaza de las Culturas and everybody knows that there was a cemetery there before,” adding, “obviously when the ground is being dug up, human bones will probably appear.”

The protocol, when human remains appear, is to inform the Guardia Civil, who will be investigating not only the origin of the bones but also who decided it was a good wheeze to leave them lying on a street.

Obviously, the bones have to undergo forensic examination to make sure that they are at least 20-years old and do not belong to a missing person. However, these bones are at least over 50-years old.

Once everybody is satisfied that they are from the cemetery then they will be deposited in the present, municipal cemetery’s ossuary.

Some locals consider that the Town Hall should have had a little more consideration for the appearance of skeletons when carrying out roadworks on a known cemetery site.

(News: Órgiva, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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