Sierra Bermeja Fire Update

Infoca ordered that the municipality of Genalguacil be temporarily evacuated at 09.44h yesterday morning because of the Sierra Berja fire.

GRA Infoca Foot SoldiersEarly that same morning, at 05.35h they ordered the same for the municipality of Jubrique.

The evacuations are being carried out by the Guarida Civil, the Policía Nacional, the Málaga fire service and Cruz Roja, backed by the EPES ambulance service for those that require assistance owing to mobility and medical problems.

People have been shuttled over to the sports pavilion by bus and adapted vehicles for people in wheelchairs, for example.

As for road traffic, the MA-8302 is closed to traffic from kilometre point 15 and the MA-8301 is closed in kilometre point 25. Also closed is the Camino de la Malagueña at its point of access.

The UME (Unidad Militar de Emergencias) a specialised unit within the Spanish Army, has also been deployed to help Infoca and local fire services already on the ground.

The good news is that this morning rain is expected to fall, which will help fire-fighting efforts considerably if it is sustained and reasonably copious. In the meantime, ashes from the fire are falling on the beaches in Marbella.

(News: Sierra Berjeja, Malaga, Andalucia)

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