Two Unequal Sides to Coin

Whilst the vast majority of officers in the Guardia Civil do their police force a tremendous credit, there are always some bad eggs.

GRA Guardias Civiles SolidariosThree Guardia Civil officers belonging to the maritime branch based in Motril were arrested together with nine civilians in a recent drugs bust. The trial begins this week.

On the other hand there are officers who not only carry out their duty very professionaly, efficiently and impeccably, but also dedicate their spare time to helping out the needy, forming part of the Guardias Civiles Solidarios.

Officer José Luis Gómez (see photo) nips into the municipal homeless shelter in Motril, Jesús Abandonado before going on duty at 13.30h to leave donations from the assocation, comprising of dental hygiene kits (toothpaste, mouthwashes etc).

The association is based in Granada where José Luis is the Chairman. He explained that the donations come from regular, anonymous donors and that the Guardias Civiles Solidarios between January and June this year have donated over 4,800 products such as health products, clothes, food and toys.

The three Guardia Civil officers are facing nine years in prison and 25 years banned from public employment whereas José Luis and his fellow officers belonging to the Guardias Civiles Solidarios face just another day of duty serving the general public whilst at work and then dedicating the spare time to helping needy familes and the homeless.

When you’ve broken down on the side of a road or worse, find yourself lying in a car wreck, it is the Guardia Civil that will be there to help – they’re not only there to fine you when you deserve it, but they are also, to a large extent, your guardian angels out on the roads.

News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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