Motril Takes on Costas

Motril Town Hall has taken out disciplinary proceedings against the provincial office of Costas over the blocking off of access to Playa de Poniente.

MOT Wall under Construction on Playa de PonienteWhat this move means is that work on the said wall (which will also incorporate a flowerbed) has been temporarily stopped.

According to the Mayor, Luisa García Chamorro, part of the wall is being raised on municipal land without Costas having obtained a licence first.

She also said that she is willing to discuss the situation with Costas to find a solution; i.e. adjusting the wall so that there is still access for emergency vehicles, delivery vans and also vehicles belonging to people with mobility problems

If no accord is reached, the Town Hall says that it will carry out two emergency drills to evaluate how long it takes the emergency services to rescue somebody; one with the beach closed off and one with it open. Obviously, this will be to demonstrate that Costas plan to build the wall will make things more difficult and thus jeopardise the lives of beach users.

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