Junta Stalls Covid Wind Down

The Junta de Andalucía had prepared a new timetable for winding down the Covid restrictions but yesterday they were forced to put it back two weeks.

GRA Covid 02JN21It was on the 6th of May that PM Juanma Moreno, laid out his plan to end restrictions in three phases. The first stage, entitled Stabilisation, lasted from the 9th of May to the 31st with the second one beginning the next day on June the first – this second stage, entitled Advance, is the one that has been put back two weeks.

Stage Three, entitled, Normalisation was set to begin on the 21st of June, but with this two-week delay, that is now out of the question.

The pandemic level is stable .e., it’s not descending] which is not a positive situation, said the Chief Advisor to the PM, Elías Bendodo.

So, what does this mean? Well bars & restaurants can remain open until midnight, as was the case before and nightclubs & discotheques can remain open until 02.00h as long as their health district is on Level Two or below. At present Granada is on Level Three so nightclubs and discos remain closed.

This situation will continue until the two-week postponement expires on the 15th of this month, when, if the situation has improved (contagions are climbing in Andalucía at present) then Stage Two (Advance) will come into effect.

Regional Health Minister, Jesus Aguirre, said that there was positive news: hospitalisations are down and especially for those over 60, thanks to the vaccination roll out.

What the Junta is waiting for is that the regional average for contagion drops below 150  per 100,000 cases but this remains elusive at the moment, as it is 176.6 and climbing… That figure is also more than 50 points over the national average, as well (120).

According to the Junta’s calculations, the pandemic has taken more than 10,000 lives in Andalucía.

(News: Andalucia)

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