Protest on Rules Dam

Around 1,500 people turned up for a protest on the Rules Dam over the lack of a distribution system for the stored water.

COS Protest at the DamThe demonstration was organised by the Junta Central de Usuarios and Almuñécar Town Hall with all the local political groups present.

The cavalcade of cars, which set of from the Plaza Blas Infante in Almuñécar, stretched back some ten kilometres causing anomalies to normal road usage, obviously.

Before setting off, the Spokesperson for the Central Committee read out a manifesto calling for the execution of the Béznar-Rules water distribution system – no, nobody was being put up against the wall and shot… although, thinking about it, that might inspire some alacrity from our nation’s bureaucrats.

Before heading for the dam, participating vehicles had stickers put on them and the banners, once unfurled upon arrival, bore such slogans as Your Drop Counts.

The Junta Central hopes that some of the 140,000m euros coming to Spain from the EU as Covid-19 relief (Next Generation,) will be spent on getting water down from Béznar-Rules to where it is needed along the Valle Río Verde.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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