Bonnie Tyler in Salobreña

The flagship of Salobreña's summer cultural programme is to be a Bonnie Tyler concert, which will be held on the 13th of August.

MOT Bonny Tyler Concert 13AG21The idea of such a concert first appeared on social media platforms claiming that this international artiste would be appearing in Motril during the summer.

It was the concert organisers, Prodinter,  who had announced the concert for the 13th of August about a month ago.

It was quickly denied by Motril Town Hall who said that although there had been conversations between the two parties, no deal had been struck.

Salobreña Town Hall, on the other hand, did sign a deal for the concert that will be held in the municipal, sports centre and on the date originally announced for Motril – on Friday the 13th of August… not the most propitious date, admittedly.

The Councillor for Fiestas, Gabriel Alonso, explained that the venue will provide seating for 3,000 spectators, unless there is a change in restrictions, in which the number can be increase as the venue has room for three times that number.

According to the concert organiser, the entrance tickets that were sold for Motril will be valid for the Salobreña concert. Internet ticket sales will be coming on line shortly. Tickets can also be obtained from the Oficina de Turismo and the Casa de la Cultura in Salobreña in the next few weeks, as well as some bars in Motril.

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  2 comments for “Bonnie Tyler in Salobreña

  1. Peter Ceann
    April 11, 2021 at 8:45 pm

    Maybe someone can save us..I am holding out for a hero

  2. Ian Burgess
    April 11, 2021 at 4:40 pm

    Let’s all hope it doesn’t get cancelled due to a Covid flare up.
    That would be a heartache…

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