Beach Mask Wearing U-Turn

The Ministry of Health's plan to enforce mask-wearing at all times on beaches, pools, rivers, lakes, reservoirs has been dropped.

ALM San Cristobal Beachgoers 07AP21The idea was that you would have to wear the mask even whilst sunbathing on your beach towel but the criticism that it raised from the regional parliaments forced the Minister, Carolina Darias, to withdraw it.

The new draft from the Consejo Interterritorial del Sistema Nacional de Salud, will be pretty much the same as last summer – you only have to wear a mask if you’re walking along the shore/strand.

In other words, if you’re not moving about, you don’t have to wear it whilst you’re sitting on the beach, as long as distancing (1.5m) is observed between groups of non-cohabitants.

The Minister explained: “the mask will continue to be obligatory when strolling on the beach and other ‘aquatic surroundings,’ regardless of whether there is crowding or not.” She made it clear that you must keep your mask on when accessing the beach to reach somewhere to set up your beach spot.

As for changing rooms in swimming pools that are open to the public, you have to wear a mask unless you’re stepping into a shower, of course.

(News: Spain)

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