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The Tridemic Triple Threat

FTR Health Tridemic

Covid-19, flu and RSV (or respiratory syncytial virus) are colliding and filling up hospital systems around the world. That this ‘tripledemic’ or ‘tridemic’ is making headlines, despite the collective fatigue of pandemic news.

Headache or Migraine?

FTR Migraine

Sinus Headache or Sinus Migraine – the Silent Epidemic of Misdiagnosed Migraines. Nearly everyone experiences a headache at some point, and the pain can range from mild to debilitating.

Is There A Right Way?

AND Obligatory Masks

The Health Committee belonging to the Junta will announce this evening any changes produced by the new figures, which indicate a drop in contagion.

Mask Price Topped

SPN Surgical Masks

The Minister for Health, Salvador Illa, announced that the Comisión Interministerial de Precios de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios has set a maximum price for surgical masks.