Wobbly Cowboy Spring

Earth tremors within the province of Granada hardly seems like news anymore, that is, of course, unless a crack appears in your own sitting room.

GRA Fuente Vaqueros 02We are lucky, in fact, that we have so much minor seismic activity because it allows a slow-motion collision between tectonic plates beneath our feet without a build up of pressure – its a bit like braking with ABS .

Nevertheless, when you first move out here from more stable latitudes, your first earth tremor is always an unnerving experience, especially if you happen to be in a top-floor flat in a multi-storey building, as was my case.

And so, yesterday morning an earth tremor registering 3.3 on the Richter Scale gave the metropolitan area a “shaken not stirred” experience at 08.01h.

The actual epicentre was below Fuente Vaqueros (Cowboy Spring) but the shock waves were picked up in neighbouring towns, including the city of Granada.

Since this earth tremor in the morning there, were another eight between then and 18.02h.

(News: Fuente Vaqueros, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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