Junta U-Turn Averted

Despite the Junta's assurances on Tuesday that they had decided not to tighten restrictions over Easter, they are now entertaining the possibility.

SPN Consejo InterterritorialToday, all the regional health ministers met in Madrid for the Consejo Interritorial, where the regional Minister for Exteriors, Elías Bendodo, will consider the tighter measures proposed by the Central Government, amongst them nonessencial businesses to close at 20.00h and the curfew begin half an hour later.

The Andalusian Minister for Health, Jesus Aguirre, pointed out that during January when Andalucía had over 1,000 cases per 100k and asked for the curfew to be brought forward to 20.00h, the Central Government said no. Yet, now with only 120 cases per 100k, the Central Government is calling for it to be brought forward.

Whilst it is true that Andalucía has a curfew that doesn’t start until 23.00h, it is the only region of Spain where crossing provincial borders is not allowed. So, Castilla-León might have a curfew that comes into force at 20.00h, but it has free movement all around the region.

So, what about foreigners arriving at Spanish airports? The Junta insists that everybody that arrives must have a PCR obtained within 72 hours of travelling. It makes little sense, they consider, that Andalusians can’t move out of their provincia and foreigners can arrive without any kind of control.

Here the inexplicable requires at least an attempt at explanation. A foreigner can fly in from France or Germany, where the contagion ration is much higher to the Balearic and Canary islands, as long as they have a PCR. When they return, they have to undergo quarantine. A Spaniard, who lives in an area with a much, much lower contagion rate than the country of origin, cannot fly there. In fact, if you live in Andalusia, you can’t even cross over the Granada/Malaga boundary.

However, a Spaniard, with a PCR, can fly to France or Germany but once there will have to conform to all the restrictions in place. They will also have to go through quarantine upon return.

If a foreigner flies into Málaga Airport, then they are stuck in the province of Málaga and cannot take up residency in a second home on the Costa Tropical, For example.

So, where is the logic? Basically, it is because you can control passenger travel in airports and check for PCRs, but there is no way that you can stop every car crossing a regional or provincial border to see if they have one.

Editorial note: The meeting has ended and things will stay as they are; i.e., restaurants and bar open until 22.30h and curfew commences at 23.00h

(News: Andalucia)

  2 comments for “Junta U-Turn Averted

  1. March 25, 2021 at 7:53 am

    Charlotte: Can you supply a link to an official source for this information, please.

  2. Charlotte
    March 24, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    A Spaniard can only fly abroad for a valid reason (not for vacation or family visits) because spanish and residents, can not leave the region or the province.
    A foreigner (EU) is allowed to pass Malaga in transit to Costa Tropical etc… but then has to remain in the province, like the rest of us, till they go directly to the airport again….

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