AstraZeneca Back on Course

The Vice PM for the Junta, Juan Marín, assured yesterday that the vaccination plan set out on the 9th of December was back on course.

LHR VPM Juan MarinThis comes after the fact that Spain won’t start vaccinating with AstraZeneca until Wednesday, whereas most other EU countries restarted almost immediately once the drug was cleared for further use after thrombosis fears were ruled out.

Asked yesterday in La Herradura, where he was present for the inauguration of the new museum, whether he would be happy to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca, he replied that of course he would and immediately, but if he did, he would more than likely be accused of jumping the queue.

He also expressed his concern over the delay in Andalucía in receiving the region’s quota of doses.

This coming Monday there will be an urgent meeting of the Comité Interterritorial del Sistema Nacional de Salud to determine which age groups will receive this particular drug; the Junta wants to use it on people up to 65 years old.

(News: Andalucia)

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