Unlucky Day for Cúllar

The townsfolk of Cúllar, a town in the north-west of Granada, are not happy after being locked down for a week having crossed the 500 barrier for just one day.

GRA Towns Closed Down 19MR21They feel pretty unlucky because they were only over 500 infected per 100,000 for just one day. Unfortunately, it was a Thursday, which is when the committee of health experts make their decision for the week.

They’re not alone because there are a total of 14 municipalities still that have over 500 per 100k, three of which have also crossed the 1,000 barrier and have all their nonessencial businesses closed down, as well.

The Mayor of Cúllar, Alonso Segura, considers that the Junta shouldn’t have closed them down. He says that it is all very confusing as things don’t add up; the Junta put them down as having  six new cases whereas the Health District only informed them of two new cases. Furthermore the Friday figures put their contagion percentage at 488.9.

(News: Cullar, Altiplano, Granada, Andalucia)

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