What to Do If Called for A Jab

This point-by-point guide is what the process is for being called for the vaccination.

SPN Covid Jabs Vaccination1) Make sure you are amongst the age group being summoned to your local medical centre – the Gazette online will inform you of the age groups receiving their jabs.

2) You will be informed by SAS (Andalusian Health Board) by phone. The caller will be from 958 800 008, if you live in the province of Granada, or 952 800 008, if you live in the Axarquia area. The vaccination programme for over 80s could last a month or two, so be patient.

3) What happens if you miss the call? Don’t panic in this case because the medical centre will go through its list twice. Be patient. Yep, patience is a luxury when you don’t buy calendars any more because counting on 12 months is wildly reckless optimism but… Seriously though if the end of March has arrived and you still haven’t heard anything, phone the medical centre.

4) Will they come to your house or do you have to go to the medical centre? Some of the anti-viral drugs are ‘delicate’ to say the least so transporting them to people’s houses is not very practical. However, if you have reduced mobility and a trip to the medical centre is impractical, then they will come to your house but, again, in this case you will need patience.

5) What if you’ve already had Covid-19 – do you still need to be vaccinated? Everybody on the list gets the vaccine (both doses) whether you have had the virus before or not.

6) What type of vaccine will you receive? The two main vaccine types at the moment being used for people over 55 are Pfizer and Moderna. Dentists, even if below that age, are an exception to this as they are more exposed than most to contagion.

7) What if you are taking some other medication or have an allergy? Yes, you can receive the jab as long as you’re not allergic to any part of the vaccine compound. If you are taking an anti-coagulant such as Sintrom you must inform the medical staff of the fact as it will have to be done under strict control.

8) What if you already have the virus – can you be vaccinated? No, you have to wait until you have recovered completely and then inform the medical centre so that you can be incorporated onto the vaccine list.

9) You have a private health insurance – do you have the right to receive the vaccine? The vaccine is universal and will be administered to everybody whether they have a private insurance or are included under the public health system. (See our online article entitled “You And Your Jab”) concerning foreign non-residents.

10) Do you have to take certain precautions between your first and final jab? No, you don’t.

11) When will the vaccine afford total protection after having received it? Research shows that total immunisations is reached the following week after the second jab. Even after the first, however, some level of protection is obtained. In fact, so researchers believe that with only the first doses it is sufficient.

12) Do you need to continue wearing a mask and keeping social distance after receiving the second jab? Yes, you do, along with any other anti-pandemic measure in existence. This is because a person can still pass the virus on even though you don’t develop an infection yourself.

13) Will you receive some sort of card to show that you have been vaccinated? The Andalusia Public Health Board (SAS) will be doing this (but you might not get it straight away), plus the fact your inoculation information will be going onto your health-data record, anyway.

(News: Andalusia)

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