Restriction Changes Afoot

SPN ICUThe Junta is contemplating relaxing the generalised restrictions in Andalucía next week, given that contagion figures are behaving.

We’ve had these provincial lockdowns in place for the better part of a month now. They were due to end at the beginning of the month but were extended until the 15th, so this is the date to watch.

It is not enough that contagion figures are dropping but rather that they clearly show signs that they are not going to change that tendency. There have been three solid days of decreasing figures so the Junta is keeping its collective fingers crossed that they continue to decline.

It makes sense that they are declining because the surge that we have just passed through was caused by Christmas-period social interaction. The tail end is now going through the ICUs, which is why the deaths are increasing whilst contagion levels drop.

During January, 1,230 people died in Andalucia yet in the first three days of February 302 people died, which is a clear indication that the Christmas surge has reached its terminal stage, unfortunately for those who have lost loved ones.

It’s the hospitals that worry the Junta – whether they can cope, so with 150 ward beds freed up this past week, optimism is present amongst the members of the medical-expert commission that makes the decisions concerning restrictions.

Probably the most encouraging news is that the transmission rate is now only 0.73, which means contagion is in contraction.

(News: Andalucia)

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