Rogelia Alive and Kicking

SPN Rogelia LivesAn elderly lady suffering from Covid was pronounced dead and buried ten days later. The trouble was that the interred body wasn’t hers and she was very much alive.

Rogelia Blanco was sharing the room with another Covid patient, Concepción Arias, and it was her companion that passed away.

Surprise for the husband, Ramón, was acute when Rogelia, having recovered from the viral infection, was returned to the home for the elderly, Residencia San Bartolomeu, where they were both residents.

The reason for the transfer was that a mass screening had uncovered 14 infections amongst elderly residents and five members of staff on the 29th of December.

This monumental and embarrassing mix up occurred in Xove in Galicia on the 13th of this month, leading to a family burying the wrong person, not to mention going through the trauma associated the loss. On the other hand, the family of the deceased woman being completely unaware of her passing and for her body to have been laid to rest in a distant cemetery.

The body will have to be exhumed so that an official identification of the body can be legally satisfied

“Amongst the elderly residents transferred from Xove to Pereiro de Aguiar were two women who shared the same room, once of whom was wrongly certified as dead,” explained Fundación San Rosendo, which runs the residency, adding that the body was transferred for burial following the protocol where a Covid death has occurred; i.e., there is no mourning with the body in an open cask, because under present circumstance must remained sealed at all times.

(News: Xove, Ourense, Galicia)

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