Crazy Weekend

GRA Policia LocalThere are plenty of people who are not taking the situation seriously, as last weekend demonstrated, especially in the provincial capital of Granada.

The city’s municipal police handed out a total of 72 fine recommendations, mainly over flat parties, where the noise generated had neighbours calling the police to complain. A total of 18 flat parties were discovered in just one weekend.

Another sign that some people think that their actions have no consequences has been the botellones with 14 incidents reported.

Seven individuals were fined between Friday evening and Saturday night, for not wearing a mask. Five people were fined for smoking outside without keeping an adequate safety distance from others and twelve people were fined for participating in groups larger than permitted. Lastly, 14 people were fined for being out after curfew.

Just to make this clear, all this took place over the weekend, when people are being asked to be responsible so that the contagion figures don’t climb and ruin plans for Christmas.

One of the incidents include an unlicensed bar in the Plaza del Carmen with 50 people drinking inside. Another incident ended in violence when a young man of 18 objected to a shop assistant telling him that he had to be wearing a mask in order to enter – he hit her and then when the police arrived he began striking out at them, too. He was arrested.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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