Oversized Flag Controversy

AXA Oversized FlagIf there is an oversized flag, obstructing air traffic, with enough cloth to rival Billy Smart’s Big Top, then it’s a local PP mayor that put it there.

First it was Almuñecar’s PP Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, that decided the town needed a flag big enough to make a pair of swimming trunks for Godzilla, and now it is the PP Mayor of Torrox whose flag just has to be bigger than hers.

Yes, Mayor Óscar Medina spent 32,290 euros on a national flag, with an area of 37.5 sq/m, fluttering 20 metres up.

The opposition parties didn’t turn up for the inaugural unfurling of this gargantuan flag, which marked the 42nd anniversary of the drawing up of the Spanish Constitution, because they thought it was a complete waste of money that could have been better spent elsewhere.

The local leader of the socialist party (PSOE), Mari Nieves Ramírez, says of the PP, “they continue to make a partisan use of the flag.” The IU spokesperson pointed out that the money spent on the flag was more than the budget allowance for agriculture.

So what does the Mayor say? Well, he quotes Cervantes: “I am Spanish, don’t doubt it. I am, I have been and I will be whilst I live and 80 centuries after I die.”

Editorial comment: The Mayor doesn’t need a flag the size of the mainsail on HMS Victory to prove his nationality – a passport would do. Besides, just what exactly is the man trying to compensate for?

(News: Torrox, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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