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Andalucía Mourns

AND Andalusia Flag at Half Mast

The PM for the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, signed a Decree marking an official day of mourning for the passing of Queen Elizabeth, as a mark of respect for her.

PSOE Flag Moan

The PSOE Town Hall spokesperson has called for the current administration to concentrate more on the job of governing and less on flags.

Big Flag for Almuñécar

Residents of Almuñecar will have noticed all the work going on around the fountain up on La Carrera de la Concepción roundabout (just across from the bus station).
Well, the work is all in aid of Columbus Day, which is this Wednesday, and the work includes an 18m flagpole, which will be situated in the fountain and will fly a Spanish flag which will probably be about the size of a small country. They are also trying to upgrade the entrance to Cl Puerta de Granada, which is the little lane from that area going up to the church and the Casa de Cultura, which is very difficult to drive into as you have to cross in front of the traffic lights.