Elderly Man Killed by Dogs

AND Ambulance and HelicopterAn 81-year-old man died from his injuries after being attacked by a pack of dogs in an urbanización in Villaverde, Sevilla.

It was around 16.40h on Sunday when 112 received an alert from a caller who had witnessed the attack on Urbanización La Doncella. Not only was an ambulance despatched together with the Guardia Civil, but also an air-ambulance helicopter.

However, the paramedics could only confirm that the victim had already died owing to head and face wounds, as well as to his arms.

The Guardia Civil managed to get the dogs confined to an empty plot where they are kept and locate the owner.

That same Sunday a young girl also suffered injuries after being attacked by a single dog. This second attack also occurred in the province of Sevilla, and took place before the above-mentioned one, around 15.40h.

The 6-year-old child was attacked by a pit bull in a public square, La Plaza Juan Durán Ferrete in the city of Sevilla. She was rushed to the Hospital Virgen Macarena with bite injuries to her neck and face.

(News: Sevilla, Andalucia)

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