Norwegians Recover House

AND Norwegians Recover HouseA Norwegian family, brother and sister, have finally managed to get their house back from squatters in Caleta de Vélez, Málaga. We ran an article on their plight about a month ago.

Lisbeth and Jørn arrived to find their home in the sun occupied by squatters in September last year and had been struggling with Spanish legal system to get it back since then.

However, the squatters finally left voluntarily without waiting for the ponderous legal system to get its act together; the case was due to be heard on the 12th of November.

It was the neighbours that tipped the Norwegians off that the squatters had upped and left, so their lawyer informed the law court and they were allowed to enter their own home, escorted by the Policía Naciona.

As for what state they found it in, let’s just say that you couldn’t exactly ‘eat your food off the floor,’ As for missing furtniture et cetra, they’d made off with about two thousand’s worth and what they hadn’t taken, they’d mostly broken.

Anyway, have a shufty at the link in the first paragraph for more details.

(News: Caleta de Velez, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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  1. Paul Craddock
    October 24, 2020 at 9:45 am

    Good they have house back. I would have thought the squatters could be arrested for theft and criminal damage. It seems unfair that they should escape scot free and it encourages others to act in a similar way.

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