Fire on Bus Blocks A-7

AND Bus Fire A-7 Sorbas SP20A bus on the A-7 caught fire in the early hours of Saturday morning where it passes through the municipality of Sorbas in Almería – fortunately nobody was hurt.

The eastbound lanes, on which the incident occurred around 04.35h, had to be closed until 11.10h whilst the fire was dealt with and the burnt-out vehicle removed on a trailer.

When the emergency call came in the caller said that the fire was spreading from the stricken vehicle to the nearby woodland beside the autovía. The Guardia Civil de Tráfico, and ambulance and the fire service were immediately despatched to the scene, to be joined by Infoca.

Infoca managed to put the fire out quickly, preventing it from encroaching fully into the woodland whilst the local fire service extinguished the fire on the bus but not before the vehicle was completely destroyed by the flames.

The bus had hardly any passengers on board and all alighted safely before the fire took hold. They were put on another bus to continue their journey.

(News: Sorbas, Almería, Andalucia)

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