Night Club Bust for Arms

AXA Night Club Arms BustThe Policía Nacional carried out a raid on a night club as they suspected that it was being used as a sales point for firearms and ammunition – they were right.

The raid on the said night club, situated in Vélez-Málaga, resulted in two arrests (the owner and a customer) for allegedly trafficking in arms and drugs.

According to the police, Operación Spider, also involved house searches at the homes of the arrested men, as well as the confiscation of five firearms, one of which had been modified to fit a silencer. Also confiscated was 6,900 euros in cash, one high-range vehicle, ammunition and 390 grammes of hashish.

Again, according to the police, the 61-year-old owner of the night club belongs to a drug-trafficking and firearms ring.

As for the arrested customer, this 53-year-old man also runs several hostelry businesses in the province of Málaga.

One of the two arrested men also had false police badges on him.

(News: Velez-Malaga, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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